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A Brief History

The first Lutheran services in Chico were held in 1910, at various homes.  In 1925 the congregation was officially organized and in 1926 the church building was dedicated at the corner of 16th & Broadway Streets.  In 1955 the church moved to its current location and the congregation dedicated the new building.  The parsonage, located on Hawthorne Ave, was completed in 1957 and the parish hall was built in 1965.  From 1984 to 2004 the congregation operated a pre-school and elementary school.

The crucifix from the first church is installed on the current altar. The stained glass windows for the church were dedicated in 1988.

In the early church, hymns for divine services were played on an pump organ. In 1953, a new electronic organ was installed. In 2008, an Ahlbrn-Galanti digital organ replaced the old electronic organ as the church’s primary organ. In 2013, a 1929 Schoenstein pipe organ was donated, repaired and installed for use as a second organ in the church hall. Handbell choir practice began in 1986 and the choir continues today to provide music for our services.

For a more detailed history and listing of the pastors who have served, see the History of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Our Staff and Congregation

The current staff of the church assisting Pastor Jordan are Office Manager Jackie Vieira, who has served since 2003, Rev. David Bunting, our organist on the Ahlborn-Galanti organ since 2012, and Sharon Schaffert, who has served as handbell choir director since 2005.

Our congregation is 180 strong and includes members from Chico and the surrounding towns in Butte and Glenn counties. Approximately 100 parishioners are in attendance at Sunday Divine Services.

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